Reflection II

Through the VARK test, I’ve had a better understanding of various learning styles and the learning style that suits me the best. The results showed that I have a multimodal learning preference, i.e. having the same material presented in several of their modes in order to really learn it.

As my Kinesthetic and Visual slightly outscores the rest, I’d put more focus on the aforementioned modes:

Kinesthetic Strategies

  • This preference uses experiences and the things that are real even when they are shown in pictures and on screens. Some methods I’d adopt are:
  • Studying by doing past papers, and also referring to solutions to problems.
  • Learning from trial and error to get a clear understanding of a learning concept, e.g. trying a math question several times before referring to the working and solutions
  • Paying attention during lab sessions and recall experiments
  • Include example questions or applications when taking notes

Visual Strategies

  • This preference uses symbolism and different formats, fonts and colors to emphasise important points. Some methods I’d adopt are:
  • Learning by watching educational videos, animations etc.
  • Drawing flow-charts, mind-maps, tables etc when taking notes.
  • Enhance visualization and memory by using highlighters, but not excessively
  • Recall images and practice turning visuals into words

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