Reflection III

Applying the SWOT analysis

My Strengths

  • Able to adapt quickly into a new environment
  • Observant
  • Focused

My Weaknesses

  • Time management skills
  • Tendency to procrastinate
  • Lack of organisation and system
  • Poor self control
  • Financial constraint


  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Scholarships
  • Community service
  • Learning new skills
  • Knowing new people


  • Peer pressure
  • Very strong competition
  • Hectic schedule

I understand that in order to reach my personal goals, I have to improve my strengths, eliminate my weaknesses, and turn threats into opportunities. Some efforts include:

  • Formulating and following a timetable to achieve a balance between studies and leisure
  • Discipline myself by following the timetable and constantly reminding myself what I should and should not do (e.g. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!)
  • Realize but avoid being intimidated by strong competition and peer pressure, instead turn it into motivation and constant reminder to keep moving myself forward

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