Reflection V


I was exposed to the 8 domains of Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities, and through further exposure to each of the domains, I now understand the importance of improving myself in reference to the domains so as to achieve an all-rounded success, be it knowledge, interaction with people or self-management.

SMART Goal Setting

I learnt that being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound are important keys to not only formulating a goal, but to achieve it as well. Often, I set my goals too impulsively or ambitiously without considering my abilities and time span in a realistic manner, which leads to failure. Now, I have a clear mindset of what my goal is, how will I achieve it, and when will I achieve it.

Personality Test

I agree that I am an intuitive, a feeler and a perceiver from the detailed descriptions in the test. Besides being imaginative and habitually observe from different points of view, I value freedom and carefreeness. I’ve gained a better picture of what kind of person I am, and it helps me to make the most out of myself without being someone I’m not.

Learning Styles

I’ve had a better understanding of various learning styles and the learning style that suits me the best. The results showed that I have a multimodal learning preference. In order to study efficiently, I take the initiative to learn a subject matter in several modes, with focus on kinesthetic learning, i.e learning through practical, and also visual learning, which is emphasizing important points using visuals.

SWOT Analysis

Through this analysis I was made aware that internally and externally, there’s always a good and bad side, and it’s up to us to right the wrongs and turn the downside up. In order to reach my personal goals, I strive to improve my strengths, eliminate my weaknesses, and turn threats into opportunities.

Career Test

I used to find myself at a loss whenever I’m asked about my “ambitions”, “future plans” because I wasn’t very clear what kind of career suits my personality and interest. The test enables me to dig deep into my personality and discover my INFP personality type: and introvert, intuitive, feeler and perceiver. As the test suggests, I find myself to be a person that doesn’t like restrictions and fears conflicts, but instead favors flexibility and creativity, and with that self-discovery, I can steer myself in the right direction towards my career of interest.


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