My goal is to catch up in my studies and ultimately, achieve at least 4A’s in A-levels examination.


Undoubtedly, my goal is crucial to get me into a good university, even more so an overseas university, which is my dream. A good academic result is obviously the baseline in applying for scholarships, or even just getting into competitive courses or institutions.


THE PROS: Two years of sciences and math in high school has given me strong foundation in the subjects I’m currently pursuing. With basic knowledge at hand, I can dig deep into the subject matter at ease. On the other hand, experienced lecturers, wide range of resources be it on paper or online also facilitates my learning and study process.

THE CONS: Sudden transition from school to college in terms of study environment and habits, peer pressure and insufficient time are few of the cons which I have to overcome in order to achieve my goals. To do so, I need to make practice of self-learning, discipline myself and also manage my time and emotions rationally.


To achieve my goal, I plan to:

  • Prepare before a lecture by briefly going through resources
  • Revise right after a lecture
  • Train myself with questions and past year papers to enhance and apply my understandings, 3 hours daily
  • Apply various methods throughout my study process, e.g. highlighting important points, watching tutorials and animations, forming a study group etc.

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