Malaysian Culture

Pasar Malam (night market)

This is a small taste of Malaysia. Night markets are a popular occurrence and are full of colour, sounds and smells. There is a wide variety of things sold ranging from CD’s and clothes to souvenirs and good food.

Bahasa Rojak

Bahasa Rojak (Malaysian Pidgin Language)

“Bahasa rojak” is the de facto national language of Malaysia. Most Malaysians will never speak true Malay, English, Mandarin or Tamil to one another. Instead, we will always communicate in that pidgin language we have grown to love.



Mamak stalls’ affordable food and unpretentious atmosphere tend to create a casual dining atmosphere. Newer mamak stalls have more of a cafe aspect, usually being well lit and furnished with stainless steel tables. Some are outfitted with large flat screen televisions, or even projectors, so that patrons can catch the latest programs or live matches as they dine. Some mamak stalls also provide free Wi-Fi service. Despite these innovations, many modern mamak stalls attempt to retain their predecessors’ open air dining atmosphere by setting up tables on a patio, the shoplot’s walkway, or even on the street.


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